brand / Czech&Speake


The Czech & Speake story began in the late 1970s when founder Frank Sawkins spotted what proved to be a fantastic opportunity: to create a company that combined bespoke bathroom fittings of a supreme quality, accompanied by refined fragrances and toiletry accessories. More than thirty years later, Czech & Speake of Jermyn Street, London has become a rare story of quality and tradition. Sawkins wanted to sell the idea of the bathroom as a key place, combined with a modern “Englishness”, to convey a sense of history, elegance and craft. His designs channel the elegance of the Edwardian age as well as modernist Art-Deco aesthetics. From fragrances, bath oils and soaps, to lavish shaving tools, leather goods and unique bathroom fittings, the Czech & Speake collection is engineered to transform the bathroom space into a comforting and unique sanctuary, filled with stylish serenity and timeless appeal. From the most famous colognes such as n°88, a favourite with men and women and a signature fragrance, together with Vétiver Vert, an updated interpretation of a classic masculine scent, to the first Eau de Parfum, Spanish Cedar, that recalls the Spanish spicy natural perfumes, Czech & Speake’s reputation continues to grow as a luxury brand in both the UK and internationally. They use the purest and rarest natural sources to create individual, long lasting yet subtle scents. Frank Sawkins’ good idea and an eye for opportunity have created a brand that has been designed as a sensory part of modern day living.