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Acqua di Stresa

A glimpse of paradise: Lake Maggiore… Garden of Europe, villas and fairytale atmospheres.
A landscape celebrated by poets and writers, dreamlands adored by crowned heads and celebrities from the whole world. A sparkling fragment of Italy, which contains all the qualities and attractions of Italy. Radiant light, artistic masterpieces, unforgettable panoramas. Relaxed pace of life, sultry afternoons among aromatic breezes, long vacations in shady gardens.

The Italian lakes today are experiencing a period of growing success. A thousand and more reasons. Here the Dolce Vita italiana is to be found in a quieter and more refined context. Beauty pervades every corner, enlivens the colours of the thousand blooms and the reflections of the sky in the waters of the lake. In the most iconic point of the Borromean Gulf, in front of the unaltered splendour of the Borromean Islands, lies Stresa, elegant and famed “vacation resort”.
Stresa is charm, history, art and exclusivity, and not of the past. Acqua di Stresa was born out of the desire of its creators to share perfumes and emotions: fragments of life, memories, feelings, attached to a place and a lifestyle, which can be experienced only at Stresa. Acqua di Stresa expresses the soul of those who have desired, created and developed it, but above the “genius loci”, the spirit of the territory that has inspired them.
Acqua di Stresa, in collaboration with the expertise of Intertrade Group, has changed its graphic and olfactory guise: drawing inspiration as always from traditions of elegance and refinement, the new fragrances renew the same message, in a more contemporary and sophisticated interpretation.

There are six new fragrances, all have the name Acqua di Stresa, while a second name in Latin (and a particular colour) differentiates and distinguishes them: Osmanthus, Dianthus, Virens, Verbenis, Lotus and Roburis.