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Diane Pernet Paris

Diane Pernet is a world-renowned fashion critic and video journalist based in Paris. Previously a photographer and fashion designer, she now acts as documentary filmmaker, talent scout and fashion blogger on her site A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION (, which since its inception in 2005 has become a ‘must-read’ in fashion and creative industry circles. While contributing to some of the most highly-acclaimed fashion magazines and pioneering online media, Pernet launched ASVOFF in 2008: she is widely considered to have incubated the ‘fashion film’ from its infancy to the popular genre that it is becoming today. A global icon herself, with an international cult following, she also has a distinctive appearance, known instantly by the unique way in which she dresses: always in black layers with a headpiece that recalls a mantilla, but not quite, and the cat-eye sunglasses that veil her eyes. Her unique approach to fashion made her carefully search for the perfect notes for her own perfume collection. Each of the five scents capture an intimate aspect of Diane Pernet’s persona: secret desires, the quest for happiness, the pleasure of being worshipped, the power of truth. The five fragrances are: the woody To be Honest, the oriental Wanted, the citrusy In pursuit of Magic, the ocean-fresh Shaded and the warm rose scented Love Affair. The sleek design of the bottle is adorned with one of her unmistakable symbols: the spider, exclusively created for her by designer Mario Salvucci.