brand / Roads


ROADS is a contemporary and highly creative lifestyle brand based in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 2013 around the global influences of Literature, Film, Culture and Art by Danielle Ryan, ROADS group currently consists of three areas, Fragrance, Publishing and Film. The ROADS brand ethos is about having the freedom to be a part of any product environment without constraints, whilst still remaining firm to the highest standards of modern luxury, expanding horizons and rewarding enquiring minds. ROADS fragrances bring together beautiful artisan scents with innovative themes and engaging creative elements. Curated by Danielle Ryan who works alongside a team of highly renowned noses and some of the world’s finest perfumers, ROADS fragrances explore new paths of research, leaving the door open to new forms of olfactory poetry. The new AFRICA COLLECTION is an exciting collaboration of culture: where inspirational African ingredients are combined with the evocative influences of literature, art and dance to create four fragrances that will provoke feelings of sensual sophistication, radiance and warmth. Roads is a school of thought, a creative curation of sensory experiences meant to enhance and deepen one’s cultural and intellectual understanding. Ryan’s quest was to invent a brand that was not limited by its own definition, but could follow customer’s desires, bringing together art, ideas, people, places, and of course scents.