Rare, Contemporary, Unique


Intertrade Group has in 30 years become the most advanced and sophisticated international platform for contemporary perfumery research.


Intertrade creates, develops and positions the most interesting brands on the international panorama, following every
single phase in the making of a brand, from the creation of a fragrance, to naming and packaging, market placement, marketing and communication. An advanced strategy, constructed with care, which has been extended over the years with the acquisition of licences, shareholdings and own brands.
Intertrade Group is a corporate group with branch offices in England, Italy, France, Germany, United States, Russia, Hungary, Spain, North Africa and Australia. A vision that is intentionally different and untypical, in antithesis to the mass-market. A point of view that doesn’t follow fashions and simple positions, that brings together the world of art perfumery in the search for contemporary forms of expression. Every group action is in fact inspired by a maverick aspect, like the creation of communications and experiential scenarios at Unscent, a project-event-magazine, and the opening of the Avery concept store, a three- dimensional synthesis of the group’s approach, in London, New Orleans and Modena, to be followed by new openings in 2014 in Milan, Venice, Florence, Doha and Paris.

Intertrade Group is a rare story begun in 1989 by Celso Fadelli.