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Automobili Lamborghini

A year after the presentation of the ‘L1’ limited edition, the first fragrance for men under the name of Automobili Lamborghini in 2014, with a production of only 999 pieces, the partnership with Intertrade Group continues. Intertrade celebrates the introduction of fragrances L1, L2, L3 and L4, dedicated to a sporty man with an international lifestyle, who adores the challenges of excellence at work as well in his personal life, who loves travel and is looking for essential luxury. Prepared with dedication by the Master Perfumers of Intertrade Group under the skilled guidance of Celso Fadelli, these are a sequence of olfactory notes combined in unison with the intention of finding the appropriate way of ‘dressing’ Lamborghini. Each fragrance is immediately recognizable from the different colour that distinguishes its packaging: L1 is associated with black, the colour of understatement, L2 with yellow, the iconic colour of the Lamborghini brand and synonymous with avant-garde, L3 with red, the colour of strength, and L4 with the green of energy. The packaging, made entirely in Italy, refers to the mechanical and design aspects that mark out every great sporting icon: lightness, performance and elegance, in perfect harmony with the personality of those who drive a Lamborghini. The volume-pack holds two 25ml glass refills that contain finest “extrait de parfum”. There is a refill inside a hand-turned anodized aluminium cylinder bearing a laser-etched logo in relief. To replace the refill, use a small aluminium coin that makes it possible to delicately unscrew the base of the cylinder; a gesture reminiscent of a careful repair operation on an engine.