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UNSCENT 3D Perfume Anatomy @ Fuorisalone

April 13th, 2018 | Senza categoria | Comments Off on UNSCENT 3D Perfume Anatomy @ Fuorisalone


Like every year, the Milanese metropolis returns to be the center of attention thanks to the Design Week and the events linked to the 2018 Fuorisalone. Six days in which the city, from downtown to the outskirts, becomes the protagonist of an eclectic, electric and avant-garde scenario in which design stands out.

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY, the primary space for contemporary artistic perfumery in Milan, will host an exceptional exhibition where perfumes are shown by means of three-dimensional pieces of art in hand-blown glass, botanic vision and embroidered poems.

Roberto Beltrami, the first and only glass master under 30 chosen to teach students at the glass school Abate Zanetti in Murano, leads a team of glassblowers at Wave Murano Glass. He started his career in glass in his late teens working with some of the best glass masters in Murano like Lino Tagliapietra, Pino Signoretto, Oscar Zanetti and Paolo Crepax. Through his kaleidoscopic glass creations, Roberto shapes the soul of the perfume with its weightless and precious nature. Roberto has realized his personal interpretation of perfume with an exclusive glass piece made especially for Avery Perfume Gallery.

Paola Tassetti studied art and graduated in architecture from the University of Ascoli Piceno, in Italy, specializing in landscape research. She lived in Kyoto and London for a sizeable amount of time, during which she experimented with attraction to symbolism through studies on canvas and sculpture installations. Her research experience is rooted in different disciplines, including biology, botany, anatomy, archaeology, and architecture. She tells the story of our life emotions as intangible organs, discovering in the imperceptible link between olfaction and vision an interaction with time and experiences that fly by, without any traces of certainty.

Drunkenrabbit, alias Linda Ferrari, depicts a world in which magic is a different perception of reality: a new perception of truth. Her characters live and run free in a fast-paced futuristic scene, where they observe and acquire its paradoxes and discrepancies, transforming them into a new parallel world of fairy tales, where the desired happy ending is never taken for granted. All the artworks of the installation concentrate on the ‘thread’ theme. The thread that ties up time and space. The thread scans the duration and the quantity of the emotions. The invisible red thread joins the lives of two people who are intended to meet. With these compositions the artist analyses different aspects of her daily life, a repetitive gesture that takes her mind away from daily thoughts, an old activity that will get lost in time.


The AVERY PERFUME GALLERY space that hosts the exhibition is a rare example of research perfumery, where you can experience moments with a high emotional content, always in dialogue with artists and designers, new talents and important intellectuals.

A space of visual fascination on beauty. Free from mass-market conventions and logic. Majestic and bizarre in its own way.

Roberto Beltrami and Paola Tassetti works are hosted at AVERY PERFUME GALLERY Excelsior. Drunkenrabbit works are hosted at AVERY PERFUME GALLERY Corso Como.