Every perfume appeals to different kinds of men, who might choose the same perfume anyway. It is a highly personal attitude that draws our senses toward unmistakable aromas, each of it reflects the essence of a man, from character to look, with a unique style and an interpretation containing a thousand different aspects. The indiscreet charm of essences and beauty products arrives at Pitti Uomo with a special selection of genderless brands.

At Pitti Uomo Attic Floor Padiglione Centrale will be on show:

ALMOST TRANSPARENT BLUE by A LAB ON FIRE a day by day urban classic

“Taken to calling it calm, you sit for a moment in the sunlight. The air around you shifts slightly, a strand of hair out of place, the rubbish scuttling past. You slit your eyes open to see glistening on the water’s surface. Stay here until… Stay here just long enough. Stay here as the crisp and desolate become still so you might breathe in––immense, wave-filled and clouded.”
Top Notes: lime, yuzu. Heart Notes: thyme flower, aldehyde. Base Notes: hinoki, cedar wood, musk

BLUE NORTH by AGONIST for an energizing boast

A fresh energizing fragrance that pays tribute to the mystery and beauty of the cold Northern season. An olfactory trip that lifts you to the great blue skies, the frosted Nature, imagining to go to sleep with open windows under a thick duvet – as Nordics do – keeping your body warm and thoughts fresh with a cool breeze that wakes up your senses in the dark morning. It strikes you and instantly leaves with an embrace of the Blue North. Note di Testa: Cardamom, Rosemary Pure, Speramint. Note di Cuore: Orris, Mint, Ginger Roots, Heliotrope. Note di Fondo: White Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

0-CRUEL INCENSE by BLOOD CONCEPT the perfume of passion

Blacker than the night and stronger than desire. Sensual passion and an urge to dominate the other. A perfume that reveals the sweeter and contrasting side. Black pepper, cedar wood, guaiac wood, patchouli, woody amber and incense.

BIG SKY by ROADS- AFRICA COLLECTION for the most adventurous spirits

Represents the vast African skies that frame the ever-changing landscapes beneath, a moveable muse that artists, film-makes and photographers have all tried to capture. With natural top notes of citrus, lemon and orange flower, flirting with exotic geranium, patchouli, papyrus and oud, whilst the sensual base notes of Amber, sandalwood, cashmeran, myrrh and Vanilla conclude the intoxicating journey.

CHARIOT by BOADICEA THE VICTORIOUS for the most courageous

Chariot is a sensational new fragrance – this rich scent blends middle eastern oudh with papyrus, patchouli, cedar and sandalwood. Tones of resinous benzoin combine musk and moss whilst the heart entwines tuberose, neroli, jasmine and rose with spicy accents of cardamon and nutmeg. The delectable top notes lead this buoyant Eau de Perfume with triumphant style, the red fruits waving the flag, subtly followed by more citrus tones of lemon and bergamot. The dry down brings an enveloping dusky sentiment with saffron demonstrating a plucky character. A sense of intrigue is high on the agenda! An effervescent concoction of rose, jasmine and delectable fruits. Sparkling and enticing.
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Apple, Cassis, Red fruit. Middle Notes: Tuberose, Neroli, Ylang, Jasmin, Rose, Freesia, Cherry Blossom, Cardamom, Nutmeg. Base Notes: Musk, Oudh, Vanilla, Papyrus, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Saffron, Moss.


This fragrance is dedicated to Olivia’s father and Andrée’s husband, a very important person in her life. A perfume of surprise, carrying a vigorous scent that is citrusy, energetic and sharp. A total boost of power that improves mood, and makes the wearer think that anything is possible.Top Notes: Lemon and Bergamot. Heart Notes: Osmanthus and Patchouli. Base Notes: Vetiver and Musk

JADAB by soOUD for the charming playboys

Rough and embracing ingredients, able to inebriate and captivate. Floral bouquets contrasts and quality raw materials that at first may not match, make Jadab become a portent effluvium, the one of a true charmer. A prince of Love, a character that comes from the stories of One Tousands and One Nights, a mondern gentleman, the man every woman desires.

L3 by L-AUTOMOBILI LAMBORGHINI for the intrepid ones

Immediately striking for its spicy head notes based on saffron, lavender and bergamot. With a heart guided by the frenzy of elegant chords of flowers such as rock rose and violet, which blend with tonka beans into a final, deeper and more sensual harmony thanks to the presence of vetiver, of sandalwood and of patchouli. A fragrance with a pulsating heart, with an olfactory “change of gear” that no one can resist.

MERAVIGLIA by RE PROFUMO the perfume of the artists

The perfume is an ode to the Arts, an ode to Venice itself and represents the highest level of immersive beauty. Eccentricity, provocation and irony, typical of the Futuristic movement were the source of Giacomo Balla’s exhibition called “Futur-Fiore” at the Venice Biennale in 1926. Balla created a garden filled with artificial flowers for the exhibition. The flowers did not have any smell and instead were scented by the Author, bringing to life a totally unique expression and experience. This is the allegory that inspired “Meraviglia”. It is a perfume filled with wonder and mystery to scent a flower and set your imagination free. Head Notes: Lime, Ginger and Black Pepper. Heart Notes: Jasmine, Cinnamon and Guaiac Wood. Base Notes: Incense, White Musk Accord, Tobacco and Cedarwood

MUSK-S by S-PERFUME for the natural fragrances lover

The concept behind the fragrance originates from the very first ‘S-Perfume’ originally created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas in 1997. The idea of sheer skin musk was tweaked a few times in the past 17 years by different perfumers to develop a brand new olfactory sensation. Musk S is the ultimate iteration resulting from this journey. Rich in sensations, it catches your attention with a subtle yet sharp and out of the ordinary fragrance. Notes: Japanese chestnut flowers, musks, bourbon vanilla, white amber.

SPANISH CEDAR by CZECH & SPEAKE for feeling on holidays

Spanish Cedar, the first EDP in the Czech & Speake Fragrance House, it is inspired by the typical spanish summer atmosphere. It contains top note of Bergamot, midlle notes of Plum, Blackberry, Clove and Galbanum. With intense base notes of Cedar Wood, Sandal wood, Guaiacwood & Tar. “Memories of holidaying as a young man in Menorca on the back of a Bultaco bike, riding into deserted sandy coves surrounded by the sun scorched pine and cedar trees that would produce an unforgettable resinous smell. This fragrance to me is the memory of these days and the version I have created is an exotic blend of woods, resin, smoky notes balanced with citrus and piquant notes.” Said Frank Sawkins founder of Czech & Speake.

SUPER FACIAL OIL by VERSO the ultimate gentleman beauty trick

Penetrating and nourishing facial oil with concentrated Retinol 8 complex. Contains healthy and rich sunflower and canola oils that hydrate and moisturize the skin. The oils also reduce inflammatory tendencies to the skin caused by everyday life and UV exposure, as well as prevent the skin from drying out. Verso Super Facial Oil is light and absorbs quickly, and can be used together with other Verso products or as stand alone. It is the only existing facial oil with concentrated Vitamin A (Retinol 8).

TO BE HONEST by DIANE PERNET PARIS for the most authentic and straight-forward men

It is the motto of Diane Pernet herself and its notes capture the experience of stumbling upon an ancient church while walking through the woods. The green and woody fragrance follows you inside. Candles burn silently, their lights still flickering. A waft of incense lingers high above the altar as if the congregation has just vanished. There are notes of myrrh, black pepper, cedar wood, patchouli, vetiver and amber.

VESPER by SANTA EULALIA for romantic souls

A romantic evening stroll around the town. An intense concoction to create a sensory portrait of love. A composition that will instantly whisk you away in the sunset. With notes of cypress, star anise, and figolide, and a heart of myrrh, labdanum and coffed, it shades with Guaiac, Sandal and Cedar wood and genlty ends with Benzoin, Cistus and Vanilla.

WENGE by AZAGURY for the meditations moments

The perfume of the awareness, harmony, and equilibrium typical of an oriental garden. Earthy notes, exuding spice and a sensual spirit. A fragrance that embodies a sense of completeness, fullness. With head notes of Ginger, Saffron, Tuberose and Pink Pepper. A floral core of Rose, Patchouli, Oud, Nargamutta in a smoky base of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Javanese vetiver, and Benzoin.

All brands powered by Intertrade Group are found in all AVERY Perfume Galleries, a synthesis of the maximum expression of an out of the ordinary shopping experience, in a context that fascinates new viewers with an unusual space and incredibly full of style. AVERY Perfume Galleries are present worldwide, from Excelsior and Corso Como 2 in Milan, London, Modena, Florence, New Orleans, Los Angeles at Neiman Marcus/Beverly Hills, in Doha at Pari Gallery, in Rabat and at tsUm in Moscow.