NACHRICHTEN / Unscent 3D Perfume Anatomy

Unscent 3D Perfume Anatomy

Like every year, on the occasion of Esxence, Intertrade organizes a new edition of UNSCENT, which this year is titled 3D PERFUME ANATOMY. For its fifteenth edition, Unscent will offer visitors a journey towards the three-dimensional discovery of botanical anatomy through visual representations of olfactory perception.

The core idea behind “UNSCENT 3D- PERFUME ANATOMY” is to encourage the effective visualisation of olfactory perception by means of three-dimensional art. The installation features a collaboration with Paola Tassetti, a young artist from Civitanova Marche, whose works reflect her talent in passing from fantasy images to botanical anatomy with her art, creating emotional suggestions that are in profound synergy with those created by fragrances.

Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, as well as the creator of UNSCENT, was always fascinated by atypical and artistic interpretations of life and of our surrounding reality, and immediately felt the great coherence and synergy between botanic organs and a perfume’s anatomy, which is broken down into different notes, all perfect in their individuality and function, yet even more extraordinary as they take shape and life in that mysterious and marvelous entity that is fragrance.

UNSCENT 3D PERFUME ANATOMY brings a disruptive and alchemic energy between olfactory components and botanic anatomy, with an atypical sensory experience that involves sight, smell and taste.

UNSCENT 3D PERFUME ANATOMY will run from the 5th to the 7th of April at AVERY PERFUME GALLERY Excelsior, in Milan, a polyhedral location that will be dressed to match the event’s disruptive scenography. At this location, the primary space for contemporary artistic perfumery in Milan, visitors will be guided on an exceptional journey comprised of immersive sensations and multi-sensory experiences.