News / AMEMASQUE by ILÂME: the new beauty mask

AMEMASQUE by ILÂME: the new beauty mask

The scientific studies of ILÂME were awarded in 2009 with the Nobel Prize for Medicine. An important acknowledgment for the discovery regarding the way in which chromosomes are protected by telomeres and by the enzyme telomerase. In other words: on each division of cells, the telomeres (a sort of “cap” on the ends of the chromosomes) become shorter and this is the reason why the cell tends to age, but if the activity and the concentration of telomerase is high, then this is delayed. Recent studies indicate that certain vegetable extracts may be important factors in defending telomeres – and among these are extract of eleutherococcus. The latest from this innovative brand is a unique bio-molecular complex, with a natural biopolymer base, makes the new ILÂME mask-AMEMASQUE a genuine moisturizing bath. A few minutes are enough to optimize its skin moisturizing capacity, at surface level and deep down, through a continual release of water that an extraordinary lattice, obtained from the combination of hyaluronic acid and alginates, is able gradually to release as the skin feels the need for it. A few minutes after application the skin will already become fuller, more elastic, and rejuvenated overall with an extension of results also over a period of 48 hours from the first application. Apart from the fact that it is a kind of balm precisely because it contains natural butters, it acts in a particular way maintaining a powerful moisturization of the skin tissues over time, it’s a secret beauty weapon for dry skins.