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AVERY 2011

New Orleans, the city that lives life to the fullest, a spirited city that carries beauty, joy and celebration. A soulful, magical city. Here, where jazz was born, a new intriguing dialogue of tones and notes is going to be set free in the air. After London, New York and Modena-Italy, New Orleans is the city that will host the new Avery Fine Perfumery project, the first in the US to experience this new way of approaching scents to its fullest. “We want our visitors not only to be attracted by the beauty and the originality of the packaging” explains Celso Fadelli, perfume curator, CEO of Intertrade Group and concept designer of the olfactory boutique “but to develop an intimate and authentic sensory approach with our scents in a welcoming atmosphere rather like a boudoir in bygone times.” 
Located just across the road from the Contemporary Art Center, at no. 527 St Joseph Street, the shop invites the visitor through a wealth of objects and architectural elements that carry stories and memories, to discover the whole range of brands selected and launched worldwide by Intertrade Group: from Agonist to Blood Concept, to Boadicea the Victorious, Carthusia, Esteban, Nasomatto, Nez à Nez, Profumi del Forte, soOud, The Hype Noses, etc.
 The layout of this space is signed by the eclectic international designer Lilian Drissen who brought in a New Orleans mood the distinctive Avery metaphoric elements she designed for the British and the Italian shops: the little dressing tables, the mirrors, the sinks, the curtains, the hanging garden. 
A truly innovative experience that is going to be bookmarked as the secret address not to be missed.