brand / soOud


Much more than a collection of fragrances, soOud is a concept, an idea that grows out of a contemporary cultural reflection. Desire draws us closer to the fascination of the cultures to the east and transforms perfume into an accessory of luxury. In countries where it is the custom to meet women hidden by their tunics and men who dress with flair, it is in fact the perfume that becomes a way of expressing personal individuality. The sensuality of oriental fragrances, intriguing and passionate, typical of the Arab world, encounters a French soul and refined finish in soOud. Precious essences are dedicated to the exploration of the senses, divided into two lines: Nektar, genuine high-concentration with rich and precious extracts; and Eau Fine, lighter, more impalpable and delicate on the skin. The names chosen for the perfumes are the phonetic translations of Arabic words: on every package you can discover the meaning in English and French. Every fragrance praises inner beauty, and the bottles are almost entirely lacquered – except for the central part where a strip of transparent glass appears – to remind us of the niqab veil, which leaves a glimpse of only the eyes of the person who wears it. The stopper, half cut, recalls the sloping points of modern buildings in the Middle East, completing a masterful blend of traditions and contemporaneity. soOud evokes an invitation to discover the intrinsic mystery of every perfume, beyond all dogma or ideology. soOud is an evocative collection of accords designed to delight your senses with the deepest and warmest notes.