News / FRAGRANZE 2011


A great success. That is the outcome of “Dining with Art Perfumery”, where the minds behind Andrea Maack Parfumes, Blood Concept and Six Scents presented to the press accredited at Pitti Fragranze 2011 the creative paths behind their works and joined the journalists for a light lunch that added conviviality to the fragrant conversation.

After the applauded introduction of Celso Fadelli, Ceo of Intertrade Europe and well known art perfume curator, Andrea Maack opened the event telling, through a video and her voice the complexity of the artistic path that brought her to develop her first fragrance based art installation called Smart, as a contraction of “smell art”. Smart was the start and now the Andrea Maack Parfums has six fragrances, six artworks literally translated into scents, each one bringing a distinctive message and unveiling unexpected sensations.
Then Giovanni Castelli and Antonio Zuddas introduced their Blood Concept: the flow of life and the history of humanity through the powerful metaphor of blood. From the primeval, animal instinct of 0, the first human blood group, the mark of our ancient hunting pulse; to A, telling the story of mankind trying to tame Nature to grow its own green and nourish its offspring to branch out; to B, the nomadic essence, the restless knowledge endeavor that pushed mankind to travel and discover; to AB, the artificial, the human creation, that synthesizes the building of arts and facts. 
A true art story was also told by Kaya Sorhaindo about Six Scents project. Six artists and designers are paired with six master perfumers to explore and uncover through their different languages a shared theme, the nature of childhood and the influence of adolescence on identity. Intimate memories evoked through scents to interpret the progression from innocence to experience. Exploring the stories from one to six, innocence begins to fade and rebellion, reality and mischief kick in. Each story is expressed through the visual and the olfactory progressions created together in a collaborative workflow and realized in numbered limited edition.