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INTERTRADE GROUP announce “UNSCENT Glove Lovers” the capsule exhibition at Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris, from August 29 to October 15, 2017

Intertrade Group announces a capsule exhibition of UNSCENT Glove Lovers, to be held at Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris, in collaboration with THOMASINE Barnekow. Under its cultural activity UNSCENT, it represents the communication platform of the Group, creating unique events to celebrate the olfactive aspects of Art Perfumery.
After Milan and Florence, the Parisian edition of UNSCENT Glove Lovers, Petites histories et grands secrets des Maîtres Gantiers et Parfumeurs, will feature a curated selection of Thomasine’s spectacular gloves alongside an edit of Intertrade’s high-end artistic perfumes, celebrating the little known relationship between the worlds of gloves and fragrances, a “love story” which began in the 1500s.
Fadelli explains, “In the Middle Ages Grasse, today the world’s uncontested capital of perfume, specialised in leather tanning artisanal production. After several weeks of use, however, the leather smelled badly, so Gallimard, a Grasse tanner, came up with the idea of scented leather gloves and offered a pair to Catherine de Medici, who was enthralled with his gift. The concept then spread through the Royal Court and high society, and the seventeenth century became the pinnacle for glover perfumers.”
Fadelli adds, “In 1656, Maîtres Parfumeurs et Gantiers, the guild of glove and perfume-makers was established, representing one of the first important perfume trade associations and surely part of the reason why scented gloves then became all the rage. Scented gloves continued their popularity under Louis XIV and Louis XV as the glove makers discovered ways to infuse leather with different scents during the tanning process.”
UNSCENT Glove Lovers combines the company’s remarkable artistic fragrance selection with Thomasine’s unconventional gloves as a tribute to the successful seventeenth century partnership and explores modern ideas formed from worlds of fashion, accessories and perfumery.
Opened on December 22, 2016, on Paris’s Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Le Grand Musée du Parfum is a world of sensory experience, emotion, and enjoyment, offering an original, educational, entertaining, and immersive experience to help visitors understand the world of perfume and unravel its many mysteries.
The UNSCENT Glove Lovers Paris exhibition is scheduled to run at the Le Grand Musée du Parfum for 6 weeks, overlapping with both the 9th annual Les Rives de la Beauté and Paris Fashion Week events.
Celso Fadelli, Intertrade Group President and Fragrance Curator, noted “We are very pleased to work with Le Grand Musée du Parfum, a magnificent museum with highly informative fragrance presentations. Intertrade showed the successful exposition earlier this year at its AVERY PERFUME GALLERY Excelsior in Milan in March, and at the Pitti Uomo men’s fashion trade event in Florence, Italy in June. We therefore expect that our Paris-based partnership “trio” of the Musée, Thomasine and Intertrade, will meet with further great success.”

About Celso Fadelli

Celso Fadelli founded the Intertrade Group company in 1989 with the mission to introduce artistic fragrances as a curated, olfactory experience. In 28 years, as President and Fragrance Curator, Fadelli has built Intertrade into the most advanced and sophisticated international platform in art contemporary perfumery. Under Fadelli’s management and strategic vision, Intertrade creates, develops and positions luxury art perfumery brands internationally, from the creation of a fragrance, to the naming and packaging, market placement, marketing and communication.
Over the years, Fadelli has assured Intertrade’s steady expansion through the acquisition of licenses, shareholdings and own brands. Today, Fadelli leads the corporate group towards further disruptive and creative innovation, with branch offices and sales outlets in 52 countries and numerous high level events and activities. UNSCENT is the company’s cultural communication platform established in 2013 to host events and unique experiences related to art perfumery and its cultural aspects. Intertrade Group, through the AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutiques as well as its UNSCENT cultural platform, create unique customer experiences in art perfumery.

About Thomasine

Swedish glove couturière Thomasine Barnekow is a graduate of the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, where she obtained a degree in conceptual product design with specialisation in textiles and accessories. For ten years, she has developed and renewed the glove making’s venerable but almost forgotten art. Thomasine gloves boast craftsmanship at the highest level, combined with bold artistic exploration in colour and form, breaking down the boundary between fashion and art. She divides her life between Sinclairsholm, her family’s estate in Skåne, and the Marais district of Paris.