News / TFK – The Fragrance Kitchen at Unscent 2015

TFK – The Fragrance Kitchen at Unscent 2015

Kuwait’s Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, the notable founder of fashion retail chain Villa Moda, is no stranger to the fashion and beauty world. He brought brands like Gucci to the Middle East, and also collaborated with Tom Ford to launch ‘Arabian Wood’, a perfume created specifically for Tom Ford’s Kuwait boutique opening. The fragrance went on to become a worldwide best-seller, and after that success, he decided to go one step further. After years in the making, The Fragrance Kitchen (TFK), a luxury and refined fragrance brand, launched in 2012. Perfumes are a family tradition for Al-Sabah. “At home, mixing fragrances is my hobby, influenced by my grandmother. When I was a child, I used to watch her mixing her own blends and then I started mixing them myself,” Al-Sabah said in more than one occasion. Now its sophisticated collection launches at Avery Perfume Gallery during Unscent, from the 26th to the 29th come along to discover all the lines: Exclusive, Tribute, My, Modern Heritage, Self Portrait and Signature.