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The Perfect Wardrobe – Kit Collection by Agonist

The Swedish duo who have combined their passion for perfume with their love for artistically sculptured glass-making, are back with a luxury kit of scents à-porter. Driven by the will to let the perfume lovers discover the ten fragrances, Christine and Niclas are now launching “The Perfect Wardrobe – Kit Collection”. Ideal for travelling, the kit is the perfect companion for dynamic lifestyles or simply for those who wants to change fragrance according to their look or mood.
An exclusive gift set, a black and white squared box, features the notes of: Arctic Jade (the perfume of the frozen arctic icescapes), Black Amber (a journey into the deep ambery core of the forest), Dark Saphir (flowery and mysterious it is inspired by the Sapphire stone), Isis (embodies the sensation of a fresh new life beginning), Liquid Crystal (like melted glass, stays forever on the skin), Onyx Pearl (in which Masculinity and femininity have no boundaries anymore), The Infidels (the essence of a love full of contrasts), Solaris (the vibrant midnight sun that never sets during summers in the North, Vanilla Marble (soft, creamy, addictive, like a candy) and n10 White Oud (velvetry and energetic, in which the oud’s sensation is recreated with a mix of different ingredients).
The kit is available worldwide in all Avery Perfume Gallery shops and corners worldwide.