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Unscent 2013

UNSCENT presents the new international olfactory scene with artistic installations and special project rooms, in the historic and fascinating Palazzo Morando, in the heart of Milan.
Fifteen olfactory rooms of Art Perfumery that will create a path in the palace through scent, art and fashion.
Acqua di Stresa / Agonist / Boadicea the Victorious / Bond n.9 / Blood Concept / Byredo / Czech&Speake / Eight&Bob / The Hype Noses / I Love NY / Andrea Maack Parfums / Nasomatto / S4P / Six Scents / SoOud

Sunday 24th March marked the end of the first edition of UNSCENT: Fragments of the emerging olfactory scene, an innovative art perfumery project-event that brought a new emotional concept, devised by Celso Fadelli, to the splendid surroundings of Milan’s Palazzo Morando and aroused interest among press and buyers from throughout the world. The first edition closed on a very positive note, both in terms of press interest as well as attendance figures. There were more than 500 visitors to this first edition, indicating the vitality of a sector that recorded a constantly increasing turnover, in complete contrast to the traditional perfumery sector.

Among the celebrity guests taking part in the event were Diane Pernet, who created a Video Olfactory Room where visitors could experience a sensory vision linked to an artistic fashion film construction, Tim Blanks, one of the leading fashion journalists and editor-at-large of, and also Danielle Ryan. All visitors – journalists and buyers – expressed enthusiasm for the innovative exhibition format of UNSCENT, which accompanied visitors on a multi-sensory art tour, widening their perceptive perceptions of perfume to other disciplines, expanding its artistic and qualitative value and its image. This exhibition method, developed by Celso Fadelli under the artistic direction of Cristiano Seganfreddo, enabled each of the perfume collections to showcase their own image and artistic value – a perfect blend of art and sensory communication with influences connecting fashion to perfume that is now being sought for exportation to other cities.
This is what Celso Fadelli had to say: “We are pleased and extremely satisfied with the response to our experiential vision. UNSCENT responds to the needs of a market which must rediscover artistic, cultural and true values in content and communication in order to revive. With Cristiano we have put together a multitude of inspirations and an extraordinary, motivated and enthusiastic team, many of whom are very young. In just a few weeks, we have managed to create a unique event that brings together art, olfaction and fashion – an example of the Italian miracle. I want to thank everyone who has been with us on this wonderful journey, without any one of whom our project would not have been possible.”