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UNSCENT – Flavour Taste & Savour

To celebrate the sixteenth edition of Pitti Fragranze, Intertrade Group presents UNSCENT 16 • Flavour, Taste & Savour.

This UNSCENT event is based on an innovative format, aimed at identifying and enhancing olfaction in its relationship with taste. Merging the world of perfumes with culinary art, it creates a theatre-like experience with unprecedented content.

Thanks to the special collaboration with the renowned food designer Paolo Barrichella, Intertrade has developed an unusual and exclusive concept that combines educational components of a scientific nature with a multi-sensory, olfactory-tasting, experience.

UNSCENT 16 • Flavour, Taste & Savour is a unique event, in which Paolo Barichella will lead visitors into a synesthetic sensory deconstruction, through which they will perceive single moments that concur with the creation of stimuli and will find out how one can control these stimuli to produce a theatre-resembling experience.

“This is a way of discovering, by differentiating Olfaction and Taste, how much stimuli and a sensory education matured during our life journey are conditioned by disinformation and fixed ideas,” says Barichella.

UNSCENT 16 • Flavour, Taste & Savour is represented as a journey, during which individual visitors get a chance to smell fragrances and choose one, to then learn how it can change in function of the four primary tastes.

Intertrade Group’s expertise in perfumery is hence exalted by the meeting with the taste component, in which Barichella is considered a luminary.