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UNSCENT – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Sensations that stimulate the senses for the tenth edition of UNSCENT at ‘Pitti Fragranze 14’. An invitation to savour the collections of Intertrade Group in the setting of the Alcatraz space, where a table spreads towards infinity and stretches as far as the eye can see. A thrilling and intimate setting invites guests to discover a surprising ‘mise en place’ of perfumes served by uniformed staff, who will present the olfactory sampling to visitors. Perfume food for the eyes and the mind, but also for the senses, but which becomes a concept. A convivial way of exploring the best of art perfumery signed by Intertrade Group under the aegis of Celso Fadelli, the group’s President and Fragrance Curator. A long line of special dishes of fragrances, each one different, in contrasting tones and colours, with an attentive service typical of any worthy Chef.

And there’ll be no shortage of surprises.