News / UNSCENT-LOVE MAGIC POTIONS with Madison Absolute Beauty

UNSCENT-LOVE MAGIC POTIONS with Madison Absolute Beauty

Intertrade’s artistic project Unscent Love Magic Potions goes to Bucharest thanks to Madison Absolute Beauty, the refined shops dedicated to luxury perfumery. The quest for Love, the perfume of Love, the love for artistic perfumery, this is Unscent 2014 edition. After Pitti Fragranze and South African Fashion Week will be at Casa Presei “Casa Presei Libere” (The House of the Free Press), a fascinating Soviet’s style, that will host 3 days of scents discovery where to get captivated by the luxurious essences of Intertrade selection of brands present in the Madison Absolute Beauty shops in Bucharest. The selection includes: Acqua di Stresa and its Mediterrenean fragrances, Agonist and the sensations of Scandinavian atmospheres, the powerful notes of Boadicea the Victorious fragrances, the scents dedicated to the legendary Celtic Queen, vital saps and blood aromas for Blood Concept, the four souls of the global fashion icon Diane Pernet, the classical decadence of Venice in the notes of Re Profumo, inspirations and paths in life translated by Roads whose creator is Danielle Ryan, East meets West with the essences and nectars of soOud. An installation will display this unique olfactory adventure: LOVE MAGIC POTIONS, a perfume concept created by Celso Fadelli (Ceo of Intertrade) under the artistic direction of Cristiano Seganfreddo. Eight noses developed 8 unique, exclusive love potions. The selection of international talents chosen by Celso Fadelli, CEO of Intertrade, include: Cécile Hua, Ralf Schwieger, Cyrill Rolland, Celine Ripert, Christian Vermorel, Alex Lee, Arturetto Landi and Vanina Muracciole. Potions that have nothing to do with existing perfumes or ranges already available and that will possibly become a capsule collection. Powerful sensations that mingle with the visual creations of 8 international illustrators: Alvvino, Matteo Cibic, Patricia Gimeno, Alessandro Gori, La Tigre, Elena Xausa, Anna Parini and Think Work Observe, each chosen by the art director Alessio Avventuroso, accompanied by a literary itinerary devised by the author Giuseppe Santonocito.


13th-16th November at Casa Presei – Sector 1, București, Romania

Opening event 13 November from 7 pm until 23 pm
The exhibiton will be open for another 3 days
Friday, 14th November from 5 pm until 9 pm
Saturday, 15th November from 11 am until 5 pm
Sunday, 16th November from 11 am until 5 pm