A LAB ON FIRE is a limited-production perfume house that collaborates with the brightest talents in the industry to create one-of-a-kind fragrances of the highest quality. Each scent is designed by a famous nose to be contemporary and refined and each package is aimed at emphasizing simplicity and an industrial chic attitude.
Wearing A LAB ON FIRE is about wrapping and plunging yourself in mystery and glamour, the signature style of Carlos Kusubayashi, its creator. With a highly secretive nature, no one knows how he operates and no one knows his identity. Born in São Paulo and brought up in Japan. He later moved to New York: while there, he met a sculptor, Nobi Shioya and went to work at his studio. Thanks to this collaboration, Carlos developed a growing passion for fragrances and became intrigued with this enthralling world: that’s why he departed from S-Perfume company in 2009 in order to start creating his own scent line, so as to express his innermost vision, sensitivity and intuitions. He eventually launched his first fragrance in 2011. According to Carlos Kusubayashi, “a great fragrance generates emotion similarly to certain types of abstract art” and its development is much closer to industrial design than art, that’s why his work focuses on the whole processing of fragrance development: from scents to packaging. Essential and minimal design together with provocative, compelling messages are the essence of this brand, which seduces perfume connoisseurs around the globe thanks to its understated yet extremely intriguing simplicity. The full collection, re-edited by Intertrade Group, will be unveiled at Unscent from 26-29 March at Avery Perfume Gallery-Excelsior. Furthermore, the magical, mysterious halo that surrounds A LAB ON FIRE’s unique, original concoctions is boosted by the fact that they are created in the deserts of far West Texas. A LAB ON FIRE breaks free from genre and categorization; it escapes any effort to grasp its identity, impressing and mesmerizing people exactly in the same way as its founder does. Let the mistery take over.