From 26 to 29 March, a beauty programme will be taking place devoted to the discovery of essences within the Avery Perfume Gallery space at Excelsior in Milan. Now in its fifth edition this year, after Florence, Bucharest, Johannesburg and London, UNSCENT returns with a itinerary inside the store, assisted by a visual set-up created especially for each brand, where the spectator is guided in the discovery of olfactory and visual images. Tableaux vivants, site-specific installations that make it possible to preview the new fragrances of each maison, large totems from which to smell various perfumes, once again by way of special glass boules, and finally the “Fashion Circus” photographic exhibition of Commesso Fotografo, the creative duo formed by Francesco De Luca and Laura Bolzan.
UNSCENT is a project devised and developed by Celso Fadelli and Cristiano Seganfreddo. “Bringing essence back to the centre of the world of perfumery has been greeted by an enthusiasm that has now spread throughout the world. We see this from the invitations we receive every week to take the show to other countries. UNSCENT as an innovative olfactory gallery also finds space and a special welcome in the Avery Perfume Gallery BtoBC space inside the Excelsior contemporary universe. With a clear message, that we have broken the pattern and resolved the dilemma: perfumery can no longer be qualified with words like ‘art’, ‘niche’ or ‘d’auteur’. There is only one kind of Perfumery (with a capital P): that which has quality essences, talent and the passion to make them loved”. Explained Celso Fadelli (CEO of INTERTRADE GROUP) and Cristiano Seganfreddo (Creative Director & Business Partner).
The selection of brands presented at Unscent 2015 consist of: Acqua di Stresa, perfumes of the Italian Lakes, Agonist, with its Scandinavian essences created in haute couture version with artistic glass bottles, Annemarie Börlind and her natural skin care products, Azagury, the exclusive fragrances of the stylist adored by Lady D which return in a new version, Boadicea the Victorious, with its four latest “valorous” fragrances. Also Blood Concept, in new packaging and olfactory identity, Couto and its historic toothpaste formulation, Czech&Speake with its British twist, Diane Pernet Paris and her emotional notes represented also by four films directed by Mike Figgis which will be projected for the occasion, the cosmeceutical formulations of Ilâme with the new regenerating Amemasque mask, the mineral make up of Jane Iredale, L-Automobili Lamborghini, the Re Profumo collection enhanced by a new “Meraviglia” fragrance, and once again Roads, the lifestyle brand by Danielle Ryan. Lastly, the projects of Six Scents and Science for Peace, soOud and the atmospheres of the oriental world with a special edition of Ilham in a special pink gold bottle, the S-Perfume collection of the Japanese artist Nobi Shioya, Santa Eulalia and the bio candles of The Hype Noses. And for the very first time the New York research brand, A Lab On Fire, by Carlos Kusubayashi with a collection of eight fragrances, the Tfk-The Fragrance Kitchen brand of Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, the return of the Andrée Putman brand dedicated to the iconic French interior designer, and Verso, the skincare made in Sweden.
Unscent 2015 is held within the Avery Perfume Gallery area, midway between vintage and contemporary, totally and intentionally detached from seasonal trends, symbolizing a refined and timeless aesthetic sense that is often hidden behind the gilded gateways of the palaces and streets of central Milan. It will be unveiled on 26 March at 18.00 with a presentation cocktail in the presence of members of the press, buyers, personalities, trade experts, perfume enthusiasts and above all the perfume creators.