brand / AVERY


The exclusivity of fragrances from Avery is now available in all AVERY PERFUME GALLERY shops. The project traces a visual identity of the five perfumes in line with the Avery spaces using contemporary and refined visual codes. The collection of perfumes, devised by Celso Fadelli, has been created for niche perfumery enthusiasts and the five different olfactory itineraries have been unconsciously guided by customers of Avery London. Developed starting from the letters that make up the word Avery, from A to Y, the ingredients that comprise the evolution of every fragrance have been chosen through an undeclared test of notes, carried out in the Avery Row shop. A sampling of essences, whose result has signalled the way for composing, in over two years, a line of unique fragrances to collect and to wear from the most evolved noses.
Enclosed in elegant totally black “volumes” at the centre of which is a copper-coloured tag in the form of a letter that corresponds with every fragrance, and a thin strip of bright copper in the flacon marking the point where the flacon and the stopper meet. The bottles are in black glass of original rectangular shape with rounded corners. A stopper in corresponding dimension and size and similar shape sits on a neck, once again in copper, containing the words Avery in contrasting black, a touch of style that completes an elegant minimal look. Avery Perfume Collection is to be found exclusively in the Galleries in London, Milan (Corso Como and Excelsior), Florence, Modena and New Orleans.