brand / AVERY


AVERY Perfume Collection pays homage to the sartorial tradition of the Intertrade perfumery team, in managing to recreate worlds of perfumes that do not yet exist, working with raw materials of highest value, original and avant-garde. The collection of perfumes, devised by Celso Fadelli, has been created for niche perfumery enthusiasts and consists of two different olfactory itineraries. The first one has developed five fragrances starting from the letters that make up the word Avery, from A to Y, and have been unconsciously guided by customers of Avery London. The ingredients that comprise the evolution of the five fragrances have been chosen through an undeclared test of notes, carried out in the Avery Row shop. A sampling of essences, whose result has signaled the way for composing, in over two years, a line of unique fragrances to collect and wear from the most evolved noses. Enclosed in elegant totally black “volumes” with precious copper-coloured details, as a touch of style that completes an elegant minimal look. The exclusivity of fragrances from AVERY now includes a brand new collection of seven scents, seven different olfactory itineraries boasting sophisticated head, heart and base notes. Still in the iconic AVERY flacon, this time available in a seductive and modern copper-coloured glass. With this new collection, AVERY extends its success story to include the bold, seductive and deep original scents of White Not, Noisy Noisette, Cuir Touch, Amour Bakhoor, Chypre Elixir, Musk Mélange, and Twist de Bois. AVERY PERFUME Collection can be found exclusively in all the Galleries worldwide, including such prestigious destinations as London, Milan (Corso Como and Excelsior), Florence, Cannes, Le Printemps – Paris, Doha and many more.