News / COSMOFARMA 2017


In 27 years, the Intertrade Group has become the most developed and sophisticated international platform for contemporary high-end perfumery.

Intertrade creates, develops and positions the most interesting brands on the international panorama, following every single stage of the branding process from the creation of the fragrance, to naming and packa- ging, from market placement to marketing and communication. An advanced strategy, built with care and innovation, has expanded over the years with the acquisition of licences, shareholdings and the development of its own brands.

Intertrade Group is a corporate group with branch offices around the world, including England, Italy, France, Germany, United States, Russia, Hungary, Spain, North Africa and Australia.

A vision intentionally different and atypical, running contrary to the mass market approach, Intertrade’s point of view does not follow fashion trends and easy options. It links the world of perfumery to art, to the search for contemporary expression, to the spirit of advancement and disruption. Every Group action is in fact inspired by a maverick dimension such as the creation of communication scenarios and experiences with UNSCENT, a cultural project-event program, and the opening of AVERY PERFUME GALLERY concept stores.

Intertrade Group is a rare story begun in 1989 by Celso Fadelli. Most of the brands powered by Intertrade Group are to be found in the AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutiques, a synthesis of the greatest expression of an extraordinary shopping experience that stand for carefully designed settings and locations of incredible visual impact.

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY stores exist worldwide, from Excelsior and Corso Como 2 in Milan, London, Modena, Florence, to New Orleans for example, and also in Los Angeles at Neiman Marcus/Beverly Hills, in Doha at Pari Gallery, in Rabat, Morocco, TsUM in Moscow and Le Printemps in Paris, to name a few. The latest openings include a dedicated area in Berlin’s top KaDeWe department store, a significant presence at Sak’s Fifth Avenue Mexico City and a stand-alone boutique in Starnberg near Münich.

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY is the first and only international retail chain dedicated to art perfumery and made its online debut with an innovative e-shopping platform in October 2015.

A full olfactory experience, introduced into a high-power international aesthetic context, created under the creative direction of Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator, Intertrade Group holds a unique position in the fast-growing sector of high-end perfumery, solidly based on principles of value and quality.