News / PITTI UOMO 92


Intertrade Group announces two presences at Pitti Uomo 2017 in Florence from June 13 to 16, 2017, with special showcases Fragrance Selection in AVERY Perfume Decanters and UNSCENT Glove Lovers

Intertrade Group announces today a double presence at the upcoming Pitti Uomo 2017 in Florence. The company will be present in two areas at Pitti Uomo; in the Pitti Uomo’s Fortezza (Padiglione Centrale, lower floor), a selection of its latest portfolio of artistic fragrances poured into AVERY Perfume Decanters; and “UNSCENT Glove Lovers’ second destination of the itinerant exhibition in the section ‘MAKE, The New Makers”.

Intertrade will feature a special surprise selection of its successful art fragrances and its recently launched hand-blown design glass AVERY Perfume Decanters. The decanters, ideated by Intertrade President and Fragrance Curator Celso Fadelli and designed by Matteo Cibic, were launched during Milan Design Week/Salone del Mobile 2017, where Intertrade participated with a Fuorisalone collaboration.

An edited version of Intertrade’s UNSCENT Glove Lovers exhibition will be present at MAKE, Pitti Immagine 
relaunched section that maximizes the rediscovery of artisanal production. Strategically showcased for the first time in the Sala della Ronda, a new generation of craft people from around the world will be present at MAKE with their sophisticated pieces that are specially made but still in step with modern time.

UNSCENT Glove Lovers recently showed at the AVERY PERFUME GALLERY in the Excelsior Milan, the exhibition connected perfumery and leather gloves for the very time. UNSCENT Glove Lovers allows visitors to take a closer look at one of the first history’s most interesting chapters of perfumes, where fine perfumery met leather glove production in southern France.

Celso Fadelli noted “We were very pleased to select the talented Thomasine Barnekow to work with us taking this exhibition in Florence. Thomasine’s incredible glove designs and impressive creativity has already wowed clients, artists and museums around the world. We are now proud to collaborate with Pitti Immagine whose MAKE space is the perfect place to show the sophisticated craftsmanship of Thomasine’s luxurious leather gloves.”

Thomasine Barnekow added, “I am thrilled to collaborate with Intertrade on the fascinating relationship between luxury gloves and haute parfumerie. Fadelli’s contagious passion for perfumery, for history and for design aesthetics, fits perfectly with the ideals I strive for in my glove design and production. Pitti Uomo is the ideal crossroads for creative and innovative fashion and accessories.”

The Glove Lovers exhibition will feature an exclusive selection of Thomasine’s spectacular gloves alongside AVERY PERFUME GALLERY’s showcase of high-end artistic perfumes, celebrating the little known relationship between the worlds of gloves and fragrances, a “love story” which began in the 1500s.

Fadelli explains, “In the Middle Ages, the French city of Grasse, the world’s uncontested capital of perfume since the eighteenth century, specialized in leather tanning.

However, the leather smelled badly, so Gallimard, a Grasse tanner, came up with the idea of scented leather gloves and offered a pair to Catherine de Medici, who was enthralled with his gift. The concept then spread through the royal court and high society, and the seventeenth century became the pinnacle for glovers perfumers.”

Fadelli adds, “In 1656, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, the guild of glove and perfume-makers was established, representing one of the first important perfume trade associations and surely part of the reason why scented gloves then became all the rage. Scented gloves continued their popularity under Louis XIV and Louis XV as the glove makers discovered ways to infuse leather with different scents during the tanning process.”

UNSCENT’s Glove Lovers exhibition combines AVERY PERFUME GALLERY’s remarkable artistic fragrance selection with Thomasine’s untraditional gloves to recall the successful seventeenth-century industrial partnership, and explores modern ideas formed from worlds of fashion, accessories and perfumery. Thomasine’s collection of accessories for the hand is full of surprises — combinations of material, twists and fastenings that show off her technical understanding and attention to fine craftsmanship.