Intertrade Group is pleased to announce its participation in the third Elements Showcase, the event presenting a wide panorama in Art Perfumery, at Skylight West in New York City on January 30 – 31, 2012.
 Established as featuring the world’s best brands in the art of fragrance design, Elements has been heralded by fragrance insiders as the Fragrance Trade Show of America.

Host to the event, Celso Fadelli, perfume curator and Intertrade Europe Group CEO who will feature in “Artistic process and Collaboration” forum, including Chandler Burr and Rodrigo Flores-Roux among other panelists, and will present the important news from Andrea Maack Parfums and Six Scents.

Iceland-based visual artist and perfumer Andrea Maack, represented by Intertrade Europe, brings her collection of fragrances to the United States for the first time. In addition to the debut of  her first five Maack fragrances – Sharp, Smart, Dark, Silk, and Craft – the artist will present an art installation appointed  right for this occasion, and she will be available to discuss her visual and olfactory creations.

In addition to the prestigious 13 brands portfolio, the new collaboration between Six Scents and Intertrade Europe Group now extended to the US market will be presented to the American audience. Born from a unique vision of the world, Six Scents is goal is to create a new way for people to engage with fragrance through “creativity with a conscience.” Every year, Six Scents releases six fragrances that were created in partnership by six artists from around the world in collaboration with six renowned perfumers in order to raise awareness and create funding for a  deserving charity. For latest theme – from innocence to experience – six artists were invited to help translate memories of identity-forming experiences into perfumes. The final result of this project are six fragrances so appreciated to be awarded with the prestigious FiFi Award Fragrance of the Year – Indie Brand.