Intertrade Group will be participating this February (12 – 14th) at “Scoop International”, London’s newest International Exhibition, a wonderful fusion of fashion, accessories, art and of course fragrance. 
After last year’s successful presentation, this year we will be showcasing our complete UK portfolio which includes some of the most prestigious art perfumery brands: Andrée Putman, Blood Concept, Nasomatto, Nez à Nez, Profumi del Forte, Six Scents and The Hype Noses.
 We are excited to announce that we will be presenting for the first time new brands which will be launched into the UK market this year. Among them: Agonist, Andrea Maack Parfums and SoOud with “Le Nomade”. Agonist is a collection of six unisex fragrances, produced with 100% natural essences. The fragrances are inspired by the nordic climate and culture and are presented in exclusive artistic handmade glass bottles developed with Åsa Jungnelius of the multi-award-winning Kosta Boda. Agonist today represents the art fragrance expression of timeless beauty, created in tandem by renowned noses of haut perfumery in a formulation with rarest natural essences. 

The fragrances of Andrea Maack Parfums are the olfactory interpretation of an artistic and creative process. The maison was founded by the Icelandic artist Andrea Maack who has always had a special relationship with fashion. Her work incorporates elements of both graphic art and fashion design, using pencil and mixed media drawings. Inverting and questioning accepted rules and roles, Maack continually crisscrosses the border between art and consumerism using the inspiration of her exhibition pieces to create commercial but highly unconventional collections. The eau de parfums are five distinctive fragrances originally created for museum exhibitions, made out of the highest quality raw materials.

 A new chapter of success opens, with the introduction to the UK portfolio, for Boadicea the Victorious. These famous unisex perfumes, created through the inspiration of Michael Boadi, guru of art perfumery, are among the best-loved, and highly sought after by members of the international jet set such as Michelle Obama and Kate Moss. Setting off a buying rush and interminable waiting lists right from the launch, these refined perfumes are contained in exclusive bottles with pewter applications engraved with Celtic decor which led this fragrance collection to being awarded the New Design Award in Wallpaper Magazine.

 Perfume meets Jewelry, with le Nomade, Purse spray. SoOud offers an object the colour of Gold Champagne set with a real diamond or sapphire. The vaporiser is called Le Nomade and seems to have come out of a piece of a lost astrolabe. Le Nomade is an unusual, sophisticated and sensual piece of jewelry, its lines follow an entirely new technique. A format for travelling, for the night and its stars.

 Scoop is a boutique tradeshow, showcasing emerging and established directional fashion designers. The exhibition brings together more than 150 international apparel, footwear and accessories labels in London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery.