News / N10 WHITE OUD: ten years of success for AGONIST

N10 WHITE OUD: ten years of success for AGONIST

To celebrate the release of the tenth fragrance in the collection, AGONIST has created a unique and truly exceptional perfume that combines the depth of OUD with the light and crisp feeling of the Scandinavian north. Exotic touches of ylang ylang flowers, patchouli, and tonka beans are balanced with cypriol and a poetic white musk accord.
An ode to the intricate mystery of Nature- a pure essence, whose olfactory sensation is as striking as its caress is delicate on your skin.
“Our tenth fragrance is the fruit of our ambition to challenge traditional uses of raw materials with a singular artistic Nordic vision.”
This fragrance is the true manifesto of ten years of a unique approach and passionate contribution to the perfumer’s world. An homage to all AGONIST followers, conceived of especially for this occasion by the creative minds behind AGONIST.