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Jadab, the new seduction by soOud

In Western countries when women look at men and think “how cute, how charming, how irresistible”, so do women in the Middle East. They use the word “jadab”, a word with an intriguing sound, a word to whisper with discretion, a word that sum up all these qualities. An elegant seductor, a man that likes to be “felt” would certainly choose a fragrance with an animal instict on one side and a chic attitude on the other one. Rough and embracing ingredients, able to inebriate and captivate. Floral bouquets contrasts and quality raw materials that at first may not match, make Jadab become a portent effluvium, the one of a true charmer. A prince of Love, a character that comes from the stories of One Tousands and One Nights, a mondern gentleman, the man every woman desires.
Jadab is the latest creative result of a interesting observatory on men’s seduction seen through a eastern contemporary vision. A conquering attitude that express itself through a secret olfactory journey into feelings. A perfume that is much more than a love’s trick.