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The new way of contemporary lifestyle. A project that brings together art, culture and original fragrances. From 13 to 15 September 2013, Celso Fadelli, as worldwide preview and at the same time at Unscent at Pitti Fragranze, presents ROADS, a new brand with high creative content, devised by Danielle Ryan, daughter of the founders of the airline Ryanair, who has always been a lover of art and already for some time involved in various international art projects. ROADS is a project consisting of many roads and new possibilities. To follow. To open up. To invent. A great cultural project that brings together different worlds in one open and accessible platform. We survey latitudes and longitudes with new eyes, taking us to imaginary places that are unfamiliar, moments from distant times, future tensions, technology and nature. A masterly dose of culture, with unexpected materials and entirely new combinations, to create unique fragrances with which to travel the roads of the world. ROADS becomes the metaphor for all the choices that we have to make each day and the decisions that turn our lives into a personal journey. Danielle Ryan encourages individual decisions by creating a brand which, far from everyday consumerism, represents the people who we are. Whether it’s the subject of a book, the plot of a film, or the inspiration for a fragrance. And she does it in the same way in which an artist works, who makes art from life. ROADS is an art of life, art in life.