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Aqua Virens and Aqua Oscura

From Lake Maggiore with love.

A declaration of love celebrates the colours and the light of one of the iconic places of the Dolce Vita of yesteryear and today. This is the essence of Acqua di Stresa, the perfume of Lake Maggiore, that presents two new emotional frangrances evoking all the dreamy atmospheres of a typical Italian landscape during summer. Virens in Latin means verdant, but also means strong, energetic. Aqua Virens is the sun reflecting on the water, the arabesque of a motor boat speeding over the lake. Playful notes of fruit, flowers and wood, illuminated by the sweetness and bitterness of Rhubarb and by the green accents of Vetiver. Aqua Obscura is, on the other hand, a real perfume of the atmosphere, which transfigures a great classic like Lavender, using fruity notes and a sumptuous amber and vanilla finale. It recalls the glow of fireflies on June nights and the moon that rises, silent and white, reflecting in the dark waters of the lake.