The Selection by Roads is a beautifully presented gift box that contains the entire Roads Fragrances collection. The ten perfumes are showcased in 4ml vials, within a luxurious hard case with a magnetic fastener. A booklet inside the case acts as a fragrance menu to allow someone to discover the collection by introducing them to the ingredients and inspirations behind each of the ten stories. Perfect for travelling and for matching a fragrance with your mood, style, or special occasion. A complete wardrobe of scents. The selection is composed of: Supernova: a gigantic burst of life, full of expectation and possibilities; Neon: fluorescent and alive. This fragrance bursts with fun and style. For the things that make us smile; White Noise: the static calm of white noise inspires a sense of stillness and reflection; This Weekend: inspired by the excitement in preparing for a moment. Everything can change in an instant; Clockwork: an ease of control. Elegance of precision, in movement, thought and application. A smooth player, seamless and subtle as clockwork; Lights: this fragrance represents the light in a sense of optimism and fun. Life full of colour and heightened senses ; Harmattan: the scent of the wind as it crosses the Sahara desert; Cloud9: a clean, calm scent. A feeling of floating happiness. Clean air, hot milk, comfort and lightness; Bitter End: inspired by the west of Ireland, a beautiful barren place of isolation.