News / UNSCENT 2014


In the setting of the Excelsior luxury multi-store in Milan, four days dedicated to niche perfumery. From 20 to 23 March, an aesthetic journey around the store will be devoted to the discovery of essences: olfactory sensations, colours, fashion, food, art and technology become an integral part of a lifestyle experience. All of this is UNSCENT, devised and developed by Celso Fadelli and Cristiano Seganfreddo. Discovering what we don’t see is the concept of an event that presents to the public, and enables it to learn more about, the international creators and brands in the haut de gamme perfumery sector. The itinerary around the store is guided by art installations where every single brand creates an olfactory and visual image. Tableaux vivants subdivided by trends and totems portraying the creative concepts will help in fascinating the public, thanks also to the possibility of savouring iconic fragrances of each maison for the very first time, by way of special glass boules containing the various perfumes, arranged on each totem. The installation begins on the ground floor and continues on other floors, each featuring visual compositions in which the perfumes become accessories in just the same way as a handbag or a pair of shoes, transformed into entirely new aspects of every male and female look. This season there’s the world debut launch of S-Perfume by the artist Nobi Shioya, a pop collection of six fragrances, L-Automobili Lamborghini, the perfume concept of the Supercar, in a limited edition of 999 pieces, the romantic Re Profumo, dedicated to the decadence of Venice, with a book by its creator Fulvio Fronzoni, as well as the complete collection of Roads, the luxury brand by Danielle Ryan. New fragrances also for Agonist, an avant-garde brand of world perfumery, with Solaris and for Acqua di Stresa and Blood Concept; the unveiling of the second perfume of the legendary brand Eight&Bob, the new lines of Azagury, as well as the premiere of Ilame, new, revolutionary Italian Skin-care. New fragrances also from Boadicea the Victorious with Blue Sapphire  and its luxurious pack and Sooud which presents Ilham, a new fragrance destination that blends East and West. Diane Pernet, the American journalist and blogger, is the sensational special guest who will be making the debut launch of the new perfume’s collection that takes her name and a special preview of new short films from the ASVOFF festival dedicated to independent cinema, of which she is the founder and curator.

The Fondazione Bonotto, world centre of Fluxus and Experimental Poetry, as well as a leading textile company, will be presenting a special exhibition on Joseph Beuys, visionary artist and leading twentieth century figure. Unscent is an innovative and unusual way of attracting the public to a place that is not a museum and much more than an event. It’s a true entirely new journey in which olfactory emotion guides every sense.