Como Lake

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“In the human soul the lake symbolises two opposites: depth and surface, unconscious and rational, sorrow and joy. A water mirror that reflects all that is around us, inviting humans to look deep inside themselves.
Silent and reassuring, sad and fascinating, but also romantic and disruptive. Resembling a secret journey accompanied by musical compositions, every COMO LAKE fragrance proposes an olfactory chord that reflects the lake’s countless shades as they merge with profound melodies. Just like the lake inside of us.”

COMO LAKE is a fragrance collection inspired by the countless meaningful facets of the Italian lake.
With its characteristic reverse Y-shape, its beautiful and timeless landscape has inspired poets and musicians throughout history, including Alessandro Manzoni, Stendhal, George Gordon Byron, and Franz Liszt.

Each COMO LAKE fragrance is created with a story behind it, conveying profound meanings. One could say that the notes of any given fragrance compose an olfactory harmony, just like notes on a music sheet create a melodic masterpiece. Like an oneiric journey accompanied by melodious notes on a piano, therefore, every COMO LAKE fragrance presents an olfactory chord that reflects the lake’s countless mesmerising aspects. Aligned with this inspiration, the name of each fragrance is a subtle reference to renowned musical melodies: Notturno (Nocturne), Silenzio (Silence), Un’Altra Estate (Rhythm of Another Summer), Note d’Amore (Love Theme), Bacio nella Pioggia (Melody of Tears).


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AVERY Perfume Collection pays homage to the sartorial tradition of the Intertrade perfumery team, in managing to recreate worlds of perfumes that do not yet exist, working with raw materials of highest value, original and avant-garde. The collection of perfumes, devised by Celso Fadelli, has been created for niche perfumery enthusiasts and consists of two different olfactory itineraries. The first one has developed five fragrances starting from the letters that make up the word Avery, from A to Y, and have been unconsciously guided by customers of Avery London. The ingredients that comprise the evolution of the five fragrances have been chosen through an undeclared test of notes, carried out in the Avery Row shop. A sampling of essences, whose result has signaled the way for composing, in over two years, a line of unique fragrances to collect and wear from the most evolved noses. Enclosed in elegant totally black “volumes” with precious copper-coloured details, as a touch of style that completes an elegant minimal look. The exclusivity of fragrances from AVERY now includes a brand new collection of seven scents, seven different olfactory itineraries boasting sophisticated head, heart and base notes. Still in the iconic AVERY flacon, this time available in a seductive and modern copper-coloured glass. With this new collection, AVERY extends its success story to include the bold, seductive and deep original scents of White Not, Noisy Noisette, Cuir Touch, Amour Bakhoor, Chypre Elixir, Musk Mélange, and Twist de Bois. AVERY PERFUME Collection can be found exclusively in all the Galleries worldwide, including such prestigious destinations as London, Milan (Corso Como and Excelsior), Florence, Cannes, Le Printemps – Paris, Doha and many more.

A Lab On Fire

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The mysterious, the unlikely, the ultimate enigma. A Lab on Fire is a limited-production fragrance house, a brilliant collaboration with the brightest talents in the industry to create original fragrances of the highest ingenuity, freshness and quality. Each fragrance is designed by a famous nose to be contemporary, refined, and rich. Each package design emphasizes simplicity and industrial chic. Glamour is about finding the unique and luxurious in surprising places. Mystery means not revealing your secrets. Wrap yourself in mystery and glamour. Welcome to A Lab on Fire. A Lab on Fire was born from a delicate yet smoldering mix of wild experimentation, tiny studio spaces, and a profound dedication to push boundaries. Today the brand breaks free from genre and categorization, beyond any dogma or ideology and is worshipped by perfume connoisseurs around the globe. Desiring to grow internationally, A Lab On Fire decided to entrust Intertrade Group for the brand’s development.


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AGONIST is a Swedish perfume house founded on 2008. Today AGONIST is regarded as one of the most sought-after, unique brands within the international perfume niche market. The special and dramatic artistic expressions from AGONIST are derived from the beauty of Scandinavian nature and culture. With a distinct focus on details, artistic expression and sustainability, AGONIST creates distinct unisex fragrances based on high-quality ingredients in collaboration with renowned perfumers. A selection of fragrances is artistically expressed in handcrafted Swedish glass flacons in collaboration with the multi-award-winning glass artist Åsa Jungnelius and the internationally renowned glassworks Kosta Boda, situated in the deep forests of Småland, Sweden. AGONIST challenges both the ancient art of perfume making as well as the traditional craft of glassblowing with their remarkable artistic vision. The passion for artistic craftwork and sophisticated essences makes AGONIST a winning combination of fascinating fragrances that become true sculptural objects and collector pieces.

Andrée Putman

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On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Andrée Putman’s first perfume, five new fragrances as a result of a collaboration started in 2001 between Celso Fadelli and Madame Putman were presented in April 2015. Madame Putman met Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, for the production of a special perfume. The success of the first fragrance made Olivia Putman, Andrée’s daughter, taking an idea into consideration, that one day it may have become a collection of perfumes. One of Andrée’s wish was to enhance the original Préparation Parfumée with a collection of fragrances that evoke moments of her personal memories. Olivia then decided to partner with Intertrade Group for the development of a real collection of fragrances and let the dream begin. Préparation Parfumée Andrée Putman Collection presents itself with six olfactory itineraries: (L’Original, Figue en Fleur, Tan d’Epices, Formidable Man, Magnolys, Un Peu d’Amour) that embody the same sense of incomparable style that made Andrée Putman an iconic figure for both the design and the fashion worlds.
L’Original, is the first composition that was created by Andrée and Celso Fadelli, Figue en Fleur goes back to the scent of fig in Provence, Formidable Man is a very energizing fragrance dedicated to Olivia’s father, Magnolys is dedicated to the magnolia, Andrée’s favourite flower Tan D’Epices is joyful mix of spices, and Un Peu d’Amour is wish for happiness with tenderness with the warmest notes.


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Jacques Azagury is one of the most illustrious couturiers of the 21st century, working from his Knightsbridge atelier to create fabulous evening dresses that are adored by some of the most glamorous women in the world. As a former designer and close friend of Lady Diana, Azagury helped to transform her into a global fashion icon, and thus the perfect choice to design the costumes for the biopic film about the princess’s life. Jacques Azagury launched his perfume collection in 2013 in partnership with Intertrade Group. An explosion of creativity captured in six pure transparent crystal flacons, each accented by a coloured ring chosen by the designer corresponding to each fragrance’s name: Black, Green, Yellow, Pink, Wenge, and White. A colour palette inspired by the designer’s passion for travel, his scents are intricate olfactory compositions made special by the use of rare ingredients. Jacques decided to use a colour code for his perfumes, believing that assigning a name would take away the mystery of the collection. The rectangular shaped crystaline glass bottle is topped with an understated frosted stopper and decorated with a single coloured ring reflecting each fragrance’s name, a stylistic choice that accompanies the “couture” crystal flacon and the new 50 ml “prêt-à-porter” glass version and carries out the minimalistic aesthetic. Six olfactory itineraries, with intriguing traditional notes, offer customers a fragrant “wardrobe” in a range of shades which, like Azagury’s elegant gowns, reflect and complement wearer’s mood.

Blood Concept

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Blood Concept, was created in 2010 by Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli, both from Milan. Now licensed to Intertrade Group and thanks to the expertise of their master perfumers and the guidance of Celso Fadelli, new olfactive stories are being presented. This is not the only element to change; working with Agenzia del Contemporaneo, they have also transformed the project aesthetically. Each flacon has become an object of strong visual impact: a cube-shaped casket box holds an elegant semi-transparent black glass cylinder capped with an oversized matt black stopper and a palette of colours chosen for the silk-screen printed detail. The concept remains faithful to the original idea: to interpret the “blood” varieties according to the infinite shades of human identity and its experiences. Starting from a sophisticated rock mood, the new range consists of ten fragrances divided into three collections that are differentiated according to colour: carmine red for THE RED SERIES, anthracite grey for THE BLACK SERIES, ultramarine blue for THE UPSIDE DOWN SERIES. The names of the perfumes are still associated with the blood groups and include subtitles that identify their mood, olfactory strength and identity, developing a world of sensorial impressions, stimulated by small inspirational touches. Blood Concept’s new identity is presented in a short movie directed by photographer Paolo Santambrogio. The perfume, as main character, adornes the skin like a powerful scent of love and leaves an unforgettable memory.

Diane Pernet Paris

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Diane Pernet is a world-renowned fashion critic and video journalist based in Paris. Previously a photographer and fashion designer, she now acts as documentary filmmaker, talent scout and fashion blogger on her site A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION (, which since its inception in 2005 has become a ‘must-read’ in fashion and creative industry circles. While contributing to some of the most highly-acclaimed fashion magazines and pioneering online media, Pernet launched ASVOFF in 2008: she is widely considered to have incubated the ‘fashion film’ from its infancy to the popular genre that it is becoming today. A global icon herself, with an international cult following, she also has a distinctive appearance, known instantly by the unique way in which she dresses: always in black layers with a headpiece that recalls a mantilla, but not quite, and the cat-eye sunglasses that veil her eyes. Her unique approach to fashion made her carefully search for the perfect notes for her own perfume collection. Each of the five scents capture an intimate aspect of Diane Pernet’s persona: secret desires, the quest for happiness, the pleasure of being worshipped, the power of truth. The five fragrances are: the woody To be Honest, the oriental Wanted, the citrusy In pursuit of Magic, the ocean-fresh Shaded and the warm rose scented Love Affair. The sleek design of the bottle is adorned with one of her unmistakable symbols: the spider, exclusively created for her by designer Mario Salvucci.

Eight & Bob

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It all happened on a summer night in 1937. Albert Fouquet, a Parisian aristocrat and eccentric nose, met the young John Fitzgerald Kennedy one summer on the Côte d’Azur. During a conversation, JFK asked Albert the name of the perfume he was wearing. And having received a bottle as a gift, John fell in love with it. On his return to America he wrote to Albert asking him for “eight samples and, if your production allows, another one for Bob”. With the help of Philippe, his faithful butler, he found some bottles in a pharmacy; before sending them off, he labelled them Eight & Bob. Within a short time the whole Hollywood jet-set chose Eight & Bob as their elite fragrance, including Cary Grant and James Stewart. During the second World War and after the death of Albert, Philippe hid the bottles in order to protect them, inside books he had cut by hand; this original idea is used once again in the unmistakable distinctive packaging. A discovery made possible by Celso Fadelli, who is responsible for the re-launch of the perfume after years of oblivion during which the secret of the composition seemed lost.

Automobili Lamborghini

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In 2014 the historic brand Automobili Lamborghini launched “L1” its first prestige perfume with Intertrade Group. A perfume capable of evoking the same powerful emotions and feelings experienced at the wheel of a Lamborghini vehicle. A year after the presentation of the ‘L1’ limited edition, the first scent for men under the name of Automobili Lamborghini, with a production of only 999 pieces, three new fragrances make their official debut: L2, L3 and L4. L is a collection that can be matched to the personality of someone who chooses an aesthetic jewel in order to be at the wheel of the most desirable super sports car. Each fragrance is immediately recognizable from the different colour that distinguishes its packaging.
The packaging, made entirely in Italy, refers to the mechanical and design aspects that mark out every great sporting icon: lightness, performance and elegance, in perfect harmony with the personality of those who drive a Lamborghini. The volume-pack holds two 25ml glass refills that contain finest “extrait de parfum”.
To replace the refill, it possible to unscrew the base of the cylinder; a gesture reminiscent of a careful repair operation on an engine. Prepared with dedication by the Master Perfumers of Intertrade Group under the skilled guidance of Celso Fadelli, L1, L2, L3 and L4 are a sequence of olfactory notes combined in unison, with the intention of finding the appropriate way of ‘dressing’ Lamborghini. Blended with Italian style and passion par excellence in all its aspects.

Re Profumo

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Much more than a perfume and literally a book in a bottle, written by a professional who is passionate about literature and fragrances. RE PROFUMO is yet another example of Celso Fadelli’s expertise as art fragrance creator. President and Fragrance Curator; Celso Fadelli found the perfect alchemy for the successful transformation of this editorial project into a perfume collection, an olfactory extension that starts from the page and ends up on the skin. The fantasy romance “Re Profumo – La ricchezza è saper sognare” by Fulvio Fronzoni, spurred the olfactory development of a perfume collection inspired by the characters of the book. With the guidance of Celso Fadelli and the Creative Team of Intertrade Group, a collection of five prestigious fragrances have come to life. The fragrances are created by famous international noses who have been inspired by the stories of this unique novel set in a languid, decadent, simply irresistible Venice. All of which is communicated in every essence: Alèxandros, Adone, Ekstasis, Sogno d’amore and Superuomo. The newest addition is “Meraviglia-Wonder” . Eccentricity, provocation and irony, typical of the Futuristic movement were the source of Giacomo Balla’s exhibition called “Futur-Fiore” at the Venice Biennale in 1926. Balla created a garden filled with artificial flowers for the exhibition. The flowers did not have any smell and were scented by the Author, bringing to life a totally unique expression and experience. It is an allegoric perfume filled with the ambition to scent a flower and set your imagination free.


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The stuff of legends.
In 2014, by deconstructing the conventional wisdom of perfume creation and collaborating with top noses in an intuitive and measured process, S-Perfume re-cast itself with Intertrade Group. Founded during March 2000 in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, the surfboard-shaper-turned-sculptor from Japan, Sacre Nobi, né Nobi Shioya, firmly established S-Perfume as a cutting-edge fragrance house with iconic scents: S-ex, 100% Love, 1499, and Musk-S. Distinctive from fragrances in Europe, the Eastern United States, and the Middle East, S-Perfume is deeply linked to the Pacific through its strong ties to surfing and creative cultures. A pioneer in selling perfumes online, Shioya, sporting a duffel bag with small vials of S-Perfume scents, broke new ground by knocking on the doors of hardcore surf shops in Southern California. The idea spread to the Pacific and Japan, creating a novel exclusive way of selling perfumes. Appealing to all of the senses, scents by S-Perfume invoke the vast Pacific: minimal yet colorful, simultaneously warm and cool, with its rhythmic rise and fall of swells, and the smells of lush green coasts. Now with dramatically fresh packaging, the soul and spirit of S-Perfume have achieved new articulations.


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Created through the multi-faceted expertise of Celso Fadelli, the S4P Sharky (the typical wind of Morocco), Skiron (a Greek divinity), Laawan (a wind from Arabia that means “the helper”) and Aurisse (an impetuous coastal wind from France) fragrances are inspired by four aromatic winds of peace and freedom, protected by the fine dove shaped bottle designed by Simone Micheli. Based on precious extracts of flowers, woods and fruits, the collection of essences contributes to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation’s Science for Peace Project that strives for at scientific solutions for peace, supported by Nobel Prize winners and illustrious personalities from the world of culture, also providing scholarships to scientific researchers and doctors. Peace thus also has a perfume of its own, in the same way that everything in life has its own unmistakable perfume. The aim of this collection is to bring attention to the relation between science and peace, discovering how the essence of peace is important to science.

Santa Eulalia

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Santa Eulalia, the storied fashion boutique and atelier, opened in the heart of Las Ramblas in Barcelona in 1843. Today it’s located in the elegant Passeig de Gracia neighbourhood, and its sophisticated expertise with men’s and women’s high-end fashion and accessories brand is going further. In collaboration with Intertrade Group, Santa Eulalia has launched its first eponymous fragrance collection dedicated to its passionate fans, the globetrotters and fashion connoisseurs from all over the world. It’s an invitation to live fully, with aesthetic and olfactory sensations combining for a harmonious experience. With a local vision and global aspirations, Santa Eulalia has found the ideal partner in Intertrade Group. A shared passion for creating an aesthetic and olfactory sensation has yielded a collection of fragrances representing moods, feelings, contemplations of the world, scented itineraries that pay homage to the Catalan capital using a distinctive choice of ingredients. The fragrances are enclosed in a minimalist treasure box created by the graphic designer Mario Eskenazi, lover of typography and a master of modern design. He restyled the original logo of the boutique in a refined contemporary interpretation both on the bottle with a distinctive glass decoration.

Six Scents

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Each year, the Six Scents Fragrance initiative brings the experience of creativity with a conscience to the world through a collection of six individual scents. Created by a distinct group of designers and perfumers, these limited edition fragrances are designed to represent a global range of contemporary views on creativity and culture. The designers’ concepts and the perfumers’ knowledge of fine fragrance are combined to explore new perfume compositions. In 2008 an interesting collection of perfumes named Six Scents was launched as a product of fertile cooperation of the houses of Symrise, Metaproject and Seven New York. It gathered perfumers and artists with an aim to present a fragrant scale, contemporary view of creativity, culture, awareness and collecting.


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Much more than a collection of fragrances, soOud is a concept, an idea that grows out of a contemporary cultural reflection. Desire draws us closer to the fascination of the cultures to the east and transforms perfume into an accessory of luxury. In countries where it is the custom to meet women hidden by their tunics and men who dress with flair, it is in fact the perfume that becomes a way of expressing personal individuality. The sensuality of oriental fragrances, intriguing and passionate, typical of the Arab world, encounters a French soul and refined finish in soOud. Precious essences are dedicated to the exploration of the senses, divided into two lines: Nektar, genuine high-concentration with rich and precious extracts; and Eau Fine, lighter, more impalpable and delicate on the skin. The names chosen for the perfumes are the phonetic translations of Arabic words: on every package you can discover the meaning in English and French. Every fragrance praises inner beauty, and the bottles are almost entirely lacquered – except for the central part where a strip of transparent glass appears – to remind us of the niqab veil, which leaves a glimpse of only the eyes of the person who wears it. The stopper, half cut, recalls the sloping points of modern buildings in the Middle East, completing a masterful blend of traditions and contemporaneity. soOud evokes an invitation to discover the intrinsic mystery of every perfume, beyond all dogma or ideology. soOud is an evocative collection of accords designed to delight your senses with the deepest and warmest notes.

TFK – The Fragrance Kitchen

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Based in Kuwait, and founded by Sheik Majed Al-Sabah, this perfume house combines the tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery with the French expertise of Grasse,
the perfume capital of the world, where scents are created under the guidance of the top noses and perfumers. Fragrance is very important in the Middle East, it can epitomise special moments and most of the times it’s still hand-made at home, being a tradition which have been passed down from generation to generation.
Fragrance can be a translation of memories and Sheikh Majed has skillfully blended some of his personal ones, using Oud, Taif Rose, and burning Agarwood which were used by his cherished grandmother. Sheikh Majed’s grandmother taught him how to create scents by mixing oils with precious and raw ingredients. He soon discovered he had a ‘nose’ for perfume,and was able to take it out of his grandmother’s kitchen and in to his own ‘Fragrance Kitchen’. The collection is divided in six lines, Exclusive, with opulent scents which are narrative-driven, Tribute, an ode to all the destinations of our dreams My, luxurious blends prepared in close collaboration with the finest noses in the world, Modern Heritage, an olfactive shock between the past and the present, Self Portrait, a tribute to inspirational artists, and Signature, unisex everyday and fresh scents. Sheikh Majed, a member of the international fashion community for over two decades now, is one of the most sought-after entrepreneur, dreamer and fragrance creator of the Middle East.